Our Goal is to help students take the first steps toward a college career.

High school students have the opportunity to get a jump start on their career by preparing for a college technical degree program at their local high school. They can earn BOTH high school AND community/technical college credit (this is called DUAL CREDIT) for completing select high school courses with a grade of “B” (3.0) or better.

Tech Prep ID #

  • Finding your Tech Prep ID number:

    • Your Tech Prep ID number is/was assigned to you when you created your Tech Prep account in SERS (Student Enrollment and Reporting System - 4803834791)
    • You can find it by logging back in to SERS and clicking the “view/update profile” link to view your profile page – the ID number will be just above your mailing address OR
    • You can find it on the confirmation email that was sent to you at that time OR
    • You can find it on the email confirmation sent to you when you registered for your class(es)
  • Transcripts

    • We don’t send student transcripts as you are directly transcribed by the college you requested credit from.  You must request a transcript from the college as if you attended the college.  You can view and print an unofficial transcript for your own records and you order an OFFICIAL transcript if you are transferring the credit to another college.
      Please refer to the directions for requesting transcripts on our program page here: /www.techprepcc.org/transcripts.html Or Download a pdf of the directions here: Transcripts



  • Tech Prep prepares students for high-skill, high-wage careers.

  • Tech Prep links high school and college education courses to professional technical careers.

  • 80% of 21st century jobs will demand more knowledge and higher levels of skill requiring technical training after high school, but not necessarily a 4-year degree.

  • Tech Prep allows students to explore a career and earn college credits while in high school.

  • Tech Prep credit can help students qualify for scholarships and gain work experience.


During the 2015-2016 school year - Over 2,100 high school students earned more than 15,000 college credits

through OUR Tech Prep Program!!!

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"The last several years I have been fortunate to have Tech Prep at my high school. All of these classes most definitely helped me in my career choice, but also helped me gain credit in college before actually going to college.

I'm starting Bellevue Community College with over 12 credits, which helped me financially, plus I have the opportunity to graduate earlier than my peers. Thank you Tech Prep!

Tyler Henselman
College Student


"I have had three sons take advantage of the Tech Prep program. The credits they have received have given them some breathing room in their freshman schedule and saved me a substantial amount of money...it is a wonderful program that I would encourage everyone to take advantage of."

Robin Stearns

"Tech Prep courses not only saved me thousands of dollars but also prepared me for college level courses while allowing me to take classes on campus and stay involved in my high school."

Katie Underwood
Central Washington University Graduate